Truck chassis fabrication for heavy-duty requirements.

Task: Manufacture, supply and install a custom play tower.

Client: ULS Group

End User: College Green Berwick Waters


ULS Group undertook a large landscaping construction project at College Green Berwick Waters.

They engaged TRJ Engineering, a preferred playground manufacturer, in order to fabricate the custom playtower.

Nowadays, this attraction is very popular with young residents at the estate!



  • TRJ designed and manufactured custom play equipment based upon architectural drawings.
  • The equipment consists of twin towers, which are connected by a bridge. There are internal climbing platforms, an internal fireman’s pole, and external tyre walls.
  • Due to the size and shape of the tower, we manufactured the unit in 3 sections. Thus, we were able to paint and transport the product to the site.
    • After fabrication, the sections were lifted into position via crane, then joined together on site.
    • TRJ Engineering installed:
      • All timber slats (internal and external)
      • Internal perforated panels
      • Woven wire window openings
      • Tyre walls
      • Fireman’s pole
  • The finished unit measures 7.5m long x 2.1m wide x 4.4m high.
  • The frame work was blasted & painted using a 3 coat epoxy system. This 3 coat system consists of:
    • A zinc rich primer
    • Base coat
    • Top coats to the customer’s desired colour palette



  • HS steel
  • Timber slats
  • Perforated panels
  • Stainless Steel woven wire
  • Tyres


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