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Client: Evergreen Civil

End User: RMIT University (Rodda Lane, Melbourne)


Project Summary:

RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology) is a public research university based in Melbourne CBD, running since 1887.

We assisted our partners at Evergreen Civil by design, manufacturing and supplying the seating, table and shelter for the RMIT University outdoor space upgrade.

Custom seats, picnic tables, and shelters add a stylish look to these spaces.

Check out the striking look on the finished products!


Scope of Project:

To design and manufacture the following, as per architects concept drawings:

  • 5 x shade structures
  • 5 x laneway seating
  • Picnic seats and tables
  • Gas encosures


Shade Structures

The most difficult consideration for this project was installation accessibility. The shade structures had to be manufactured in a way where they could be transported to site and erected under a concrete stairway and bridge. These were confined to courtyard between multi-story buildings! The central shade measured 6 metres in diameter, and the outer shades sections were up to 3.7 meters high! We painted the structures with a multi-layer paint system, as powder coating was not possible due to the size of the structure. Then, the structure was transported in sections, craned into position, bolted together and finally, the multicolored mesh installed on top.


Laneway Seating

The laneway seating was also manufactured in sections, due to the complexity of installing them in a tight laneway. This particular laneway is located between 2 buildings, with obstacles above them and on the walls. Each seat section was different in height, ranging from 2.2m to 5.4m high. New paving had previously been laid before our installation. This paving could not withstand the weight of a forklift or EWP. Thus, all parts were lifted by hand on a scaffold and installed. The mesh sections were then each bolted on to the framework in the color pattern required.


Metals Used:

  • Perforated aluminum mesh
  • Stainless steel (different hole diameters in each section)
  • RHS and pipe for frames


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