We manufactured this custom drink fountain for the City of Perth. One of our long-standing street furniture clients, City of Melbourne, recommended our expertise for this complex project.



Ian Dryden from Dryden & Crute Design designed a stainless steel cast drinking fountain. TRJ and Ian discovered that fabricating the fountain with hollow sections would ensure efficient plumbing.



TRJ began the procedure through software analysis on the 3D model drawings. This analysis revealed that the most cost-effective solution was to fabricate the fountain in four separate parts. Firstly, we laser cut the four separate parts, formed them on presses and welded them together. Secondly, we polished the unit for a seamless look. Thirdly, we modified and re-chromed some of the shelf plumbing in the unit. This was done in order to maximise the unit’s durability, weight, and water stream. Fourthly, we sent photos of the finished prototype to Council for approval. Finally, designer Ian Dryden inspected the unit at TRJ’s Hallam factory, and then signed off on the prototype. TRJ then delivered the prototype to Perth for installation.